Willow Tree

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26248 You're the best Thank you for making a difference Height 13.5cm

26439 You and me Every day building on our love Height:17.0cm

26244 With my grandmother The best gift is time spent with you Height: 14.5cm

26122 Wisdom A lifelong love of learning Height 11.0cm

27268 We are Three It used to be just you and me... Height 22.0cm

27250 Warm Embrace Surrounded by the warmth of family... Height 14.0cm

26188 Two Together Love in abundance Height 5.0cm

26148 Two Alike Celebrating a unique harmony Height 13.5cm

27559 Treasure 2016 Filled with golden memories Height 13.0cm

27162 Together Cake Topper True partners in love & life Height15.0cm

26032 Together For those who have found their true partner... Height: 23.0

26131 Thinking of You Keeping you close in my thoughts Height 13.5cm

26250 The Quilt Sleep my child and peace Height 14.0cm

27267 Thank You So appreciative of all you do Height 14.0cm

27536 Tapestry A tapestry of memories... Height 12.5cm

27344 Sweetheart You have a sweet heart Height 14.0cm

26233 Surrounded by Love Abundant love surrounds you Height 13.0cm

27269 Something Special You make the world a better place Height 14.0cm

27173 Soar a time to reflect, a time to soar Height 13.5cm

26023 Sisters by Heart Celebrating a treasured friendship height 13.0cm

27242 Simple Joys You're simply a joy in my life Height 15.0cm

26110 Sign of Love I love you Height 12.5

26247 Remembrance Memories...hold each one safely... Height: 13.5cm

26100 Quietly Quietly encircled by love Height 13.5cm

26197 Quest Seek, explore, discover Height:10.0cm

26121 Promise Hold dear the promise of love Height: 23.0 cm

27537 Patience Love is patience, love is kind Height 18.0cm

26181 Our Gift Our bright, joyful gift! Height 22.0cm

27560 Nurture Height: 14.0 cm

26029 New life Celebrating the miracle of new life Height:12.5 cm

26129 New Dad In awe and wonder of what's to come Height 14.0cm

27095 My sister, my friend Walk with me. And along the way... Height: 20.0 cm

26232 My girls Looking at you, I see wonder... Height:20.5 cm

27270 MotherDaughter Laughter with love... Height 16.0cm

26102 Mother & Son Celebrating the bond of love Height 21.0cm

26021 Mother & Daughter Celebrating the bond of love Height 20.0cm

16183 Miss You In my thoughts, in my heart Height 14.0cm

26080 Loving Angel Love, pure and simple Height 13.5cm

26165 Love of learning Open books, open minds Height:13.5cm

27440 Lots of Love Ever close to my heart Height 14.0cm

26465 Lavender Grace May all your senses be filled with healing grace Heigh 14.0cm

26218 Willow tree Kindness (girl) Above all, kindness Height: 7.5 cm

26166 Just for you With Sincere thanks Height 14.0cm

26245 Irish Charm May luck & laughter light your days! Height: 13.5cm

26163 Hope Hope lifts us up! Height 15.5cm

26252 Home Together, our family is home Height 21.5cm

26099 Heart and soul Open hearts, sharing souls... Height: 11.5cm

26130 Happiness Free to sing, laugh,dance... create Height 14.0cm

26034 Guardian Angel May you always have a Angel... Height:13.0cm

26195 Guardian Love and protect thee, forever Height 15.0cm

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