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Product Detail Price Photo
You're the best 26248 You're the best Thank you for making a difference Height 13.5cm €25.00
You and me 26439 You and me Every day building on our love Height:17.0cm €53.00
With my grandmother 26244 With my grandmother The best gift is time spent with you Height: 14.5cm €31.00
Wisdom 26122 Wisdom A lifelong love of learning Height 11.0cm €25.00
We are Three 27268 We are Three It used to be just you and me... Height 22.0cm €53.00
Warm Embrace 27250 Warm Embrace Surrounded by the warmth of family... Height 14.0cm €25.00
Two Together 26188 Two Together Love in abundance Height 5.0cm €19.00
Two Alike 26148 Two Alike Celebrating a unique harmony Height 13.5cm €31.00
Reflections 2020 27926 A year of light and love €29.00
Together Cake Topper 27162 Together Cake Topper True partners in love & life Height15.0cm €44.00
Together 26032 Together For those who have found their true partner... Height: 23.0 €53.00
Thinking of You 26131 Thinking of You Keeping you close in my thoughts Height 13.5cm €25.00
The Quilt 26250 The Quilt Sleep my child and peace Height 14.0cm €38.00
Thank You 27267 Thank You So appreciative of all you do Height 14.0cm €25.00
Tapestry 27536 Tapestry A tapestry of memories... Height 12.5cm €35.00
Sweetheart 27344 Sweetheart You have a sweet heart Height 14.0cm €25.00
Surrounded by Love 26233 Surrounded by Love Abundant love surrounds you Height 13.0cm €25.00
Something Special 27269 Something Special You make the world a better place Height 14.0cm €29.00
Soar 27173 Soar a time to reflect, a time to soar Height 13.5cm €25.00
Sisters by Heart 26023 Sisters by Heart Celebrating a treasured friendship height 13.0cm €44.00
Simple Joys 27242 Simple Joys You're simply a joy in my life Height 15.0cm €25.00
Sign of Love 26110 Sign of Love I love you Height 12.5 €25.00
Remembrance 26247 Remembrance Memories...hold each one safely... Height: 13.5cm €25.00
Quietly 26100 Quietly Quietly encircled by love Height 13.5cm €44.00
Quest 26197 Quest Seek, explore, discover Height:10.0cm €31.00
Promise 26121 Promise Hold dear the promise of love Height: 23.0 cm €53.00
Patience 27537 Patience Love is patience, love is kind Height 18.0cm €35.00
Our Gift 26181 Our Gift Our bright, joyful gift! Height 22.0cm €53.00
Nurture 27560 Nurture Height: 14.0 cm €25.00
New life 26029 New life Celebrating the miracle of new life Height:12.5 cm €53.00
New Dad 26129 New Dad In awe and wonder of what's to come Height 14.0cm €41.00
My sister,my friend 27095 My sister, my friend Walk with me. And along the way... Height: 20.0 cm €53.00
My girls 26232 My girls Looking at you, I see wonder... Height:20.5 cm €53.00
MotherDaughter 27270 MotherDaughter Laughter with love... Height 16.0cm €44.00
Mother and Son 26102 Mother & Son Celebrating the bond of love Height 21.0cm €44.00
Mother & Daughter 26021 Mother & Daughter Celebrating the bond of love Height 20.0cm €44.00
Miss You 16183 Miss You In my thoughts, in my heart Height 14.0cm €16.00
Loving Angel 26080 Loving Angel Love, pure and simple Height 13.5cm €25.00
Love of learning 26165 Love of learning Open books, open minds Height:13.5cm €25.00
Lots of Love 27440 Lots of Love Ever close to my heart Height 14.0cm €25.00
Lavender Grace 26465 Lavender Grace May all your senses be filled with healing grace Heigh 14.0cm €25.00
Kindness (Girl) 26218 Willow tree Kindness (girl) Above all, kindness Height: 7.5 cm €25.00
Just for you 26166 Just for you With Sincere thanks Height 14.0cm €25.00
Irish Charm 26245 Irish Charm May luck & laughter light your days! Height: 13.5cm €25.00
Hope 26163 Hope Hope lifts us up! Height 15.5cm €16.00
Home 26252 Home Together, our family is home Height 21.5cm €53.00
Heart and soul 26099 Heart and soul Open hearts, sharing souls... Height: 11.5cm €44.00
Happiness 26130 Happiness Free to sing, laugh,dance... create Height 14.0cm €25.00
Guardian angel 26034 Guardian Angel May you always have a Angel... Height:13.0cm €25.00
Guardian 26195 Guardian Love and protect thee, forever Height 15.0cm €44.00
Grandmother 26072 Grandmother A unique love that transcends the years Height: 13.5cm €44.00
Grandfather 26058 Grandfather Bridging generations with ageless love Height: 14.0cm €44.00
Good Health 26123 Good Health An abundance of health and happiness Height 13.5cm €25.00
Good Cheer 27462 Good Cheer Wishing you sunny days of happiness Height 14.0cm €25.00
Generations 26167 Generations Making memories... Height 18.0cm €53.00
Friendship 26155 Friendship Friendship is the sweetest gift! Height 13.5cm €25.00
Forget-me-not 26454 Forget-me-not Holding thoughts of you closely Height 13.5cm €25.00
Father and son 26030 Father and son Celebrating the bond of love.. Height: 13.5cm €44.00
Father and daughter 26031 Father and daughter Celebrating the bond of love.. Height: 11.5 cm €44.00
Courage 26149 Courage Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage Height 14.5cm €25.00
Close to me 26222 Close to me Apart or together, always close to me Height: 20.0cm €44.00
Chrysalis 26153 Chrysalis Protect and Cherish; give wings to fly Height 23.0cm €53.00
Cherish 26082 Cherish Awaiting a miracle Height 21.0cm €29.00
Celebrate 26108 Celebrate With joyful anticipation Height 13.5cm €25.00
Bright Star 26150 Bright Star Reflecting a light from within Height 13.5cm €25.00
Birthday Girl 26164 Birthday Girl Celebrate the day! Height 16.0cm €16.00
Beautiful wishes 26246 Beautiful wishes A gathering of beautiful wishes... Height:13.0cm €25.00
Around You Cake Topper 27342 Around You Cake Topper ...just the nearness of you Height 13.5cm €47.00
That's My Dad 27595 My Favourite time is time with you €48.00
Liberty Goblets Special Offer €Was 34.95
Gold Globe Gold Globe 30cm A25985 €105.95
Around you 27182 Around you ...just the nearness of you Height: 16.5 cm €56.00
Your Christening MM016 Your Christening €39.95
Baby Boy Frame Bronze Frame 4x6 €44.95
Sweet Dreams Baby Boy Bronze Figurine of Baby Boy €39.95
Sweet Dreams Girl Bronze Figurine of Baby Girl €39.95
Baby Girl Shoes New Baby or Christening Gift €49.95
Baby Boy booties JJ057 Bronze figurine €39.95
The Christening HH032 Ideal Christening Gift €59.95
Anniversary Cake Topper 26453 Anniversary Cake Topper Love ever endures Height 10.5cm €53.00
Copper & Black Copper & Black Globe A27793 €105.95
Bright Star 26150 Reflecting a light from within €25.00
Angel of grace 26059 Bringing a simple grace and beauty into the world €25.00
Angel of freedom 26219 Allowing dreams to soar €25.00
With Affection 26109 I love our friendship €25.00
With Love 26182 You are loved €25.00
Surprise 27788 A bouquet of wonderful wishes €25.00
Bloom 27159 Like out friendship €25.00
Magnolia 27603 A gathering of blessings €25.00
Grateful 26147 I'm so grateful for your friendship €29.00
Remember 26171 Always, I will remember €25.00
With Sympathy 27687 May your memories bring you peace €35.00
Vigil 27538 Luminary of love €41.00
Sister Mine 27704 Nothing comes close to the closeness of sisters €31.00
Butterfly 27702 Resilient, determined, courageous and beautiful... €41.00
My New Baby (sky blue) 27703 Lots to learn to love to grow together €29.00
My New Baby (blush pink) 27780 Lots to learn to love to grow together €29.00
For Always 27596 Now and for always, I carry you in my heart €48.00
Child of my Heart 26169 Child of my world, Into my heart you come. Bringing sun into my life €44.00
Brothers 26056 Forging a bond that lasts a lifetime €29.00
Tenderness 26073 Treasuring a rare, quiet and tender moment of motherhood €44.00
We Are Three 27268 It used to be you and me, Now we are three. Height 22cm €53.00
BELLEEKLIVING - Pastry Set (6 Forks & Slice) 8983 Eternal Pastry Set (6 Forks & Slice) - Was €40.00 Now €25.00 €25.00
Anniversary 26184 Anniversary Love ever endures Height: 15.0cm €53.00
Angels embrace 26084 Angels embrace Hold close that which we hold dear Height:14.0 cm €25.00
Angel of the Kitchen 26144 Angel of the Kitchen Warm comfort between friends Height 13.5cm €25.00
Angel of Prayer 26012 Angel of Prayer For those who believe... Height 10.5cm €25.00
Angel of mine 26124 Angel of mine So loved, so very loved Height 22.0cm €31.00
Baby Girl Frame JJ060 5x7" baby girl frame from Genesis €44.95
Angel of Hope 26235 Angel of Hope Each day, hope anew Height 13.0cm €25.00
ETERNAL - 24 Piece BELLEEKLIVING - 8985 ETERNAL - 24 Piece - was €80.00, now €59.00 €59.00
Steak Knife (Set of 6) BELLEEKLIVING - 8982 Eternal - Steak Knife (Set of 6) - Was €40.00 Now €30.00 €30.00
Angel of Healing 26020 Angel of Healing For those who give comfort... Height 13.0cm €25.00
Liberty Flutes Liberty Flutes Buy a pack of 2 Special 50% off Was €23.00 Now only €11.50 € WAS 23.00
Angel of Friendship 26011 Angel of Friendship For those who share of friendship Height 13.0cm €25.00
Abbey Wine Glasses Special Offer Wonderful Offer Was €59.95 NOW €29.95 €59.95
Angel of Freedom 26219 Angel of freedom Allowing dreams to soar Height 12.5cm €25.00
Abbey Wine Glasses Special Offer Was €39.95 Now €19.99 Wonderful Value €39.95
Angel of Comfort 26062 Angel of Comfort Offering an embrace of comfort and love Height 8.0cm €25.00
Angel of Caring 26079 Angel of Caring Always there, listening ... Height 9.5cm €25.00
Always 27180 Always I feel the strength of your love Height 15.0cm €29.00
Abundance 27181 Abundance So much love! Height 14.0 €25.00
A Tree,a Prayer 26170 A tree, a prayer May you find strength Height 14.0cm €25.00
Silver Globe Silver Globe 30cm A25984 €105.95
Black Globe Black Globe 30cm A25983 €105.95