Candles With A Difference

I want tell you about a rage of candles we have been stocking for the last two years. Sales have gone from strength to strength, I originally stocked these products because of the quirky way the wick “crackles” the same way you would expect a nice log fire to.

The Range
They come in a variety of styled elegant glass containers and lid, making them safe to burn anywhere around the house. As well as that they have a crisp clean range of scents that adds to the ambiance of any room. I have customers who buy them to burn difference scents in different rooms. Great when having friends round or just to enjoy by yourself.

The Things I Love About These Candles
It is a natural product, containing no impurities and burns cleanly without smoke. It has a long burn time – up to 120 hours and is therefore, great value for money. It is an ideal gift for house warmings, teachers, friends and family or just for you.  I burn these candles myself, my favourite is lemongrass. As more people discover this product it is hard to keep it on the shelf. Why not call in next time you are passing and see for yourself.